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“Brands love podcasting because audiences pay such intense attention and highly value the content. Hundreds of brand effect studies from Nielsen and Signal Hill Insights prove podcast advertising generates a significant lift in brand awareness, favorability, consideration and purchase.”¹
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5 Key Reason Why Every Industry Leader Has A podcast (And Why You Should Too)

  • In 2021, 28% or 80 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners. There are now 10 million more weekly podcast listeners than the 69 million Netflix account owners in the U.S. ² 
  • 41% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K (vs 29% for US population) & 17% of monthly podcast listeners have a $100K-$150K household income.³ 
  • In 2021, 116 million people listened to a podcast monthly.⁴ 
  • In 2021, 56% of all Americans, 12-34, listened to at least one podcast per month, compared to 49% in 2020.⁵ 
  • 58% of people say they listen to between 76% and 100% of the podcasts they download. ⁶
*Individual experiences are not typical. Your experience may be affected by your background, education, and/or experience. Your results may vary.